Small Business Fundamentals:

A Six Week Series on Key Factors of Successful Small Business Development

The majority of small business ventures fail within 2-5 years of launch. This concerning statistic is not the result of unskilled people trying to deliver products they don’t understand, rather the reason is largely because the business owner did not have a clear understanding of how to manage the financial aspect of the business. It is the lack of understanding of business fundamentals that causes their enterprise to fail, despite offering high quality service.


Over the years, HBC has developed a reputation among small business- and economic-development support organizations as a top venue for financial training and technical assistance for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


HBC’s “Small Business Fundamentals” series combines the impact of an intensive 6-week business development and management series with the personalized attention and detail of 1-on-1 business counseling sessions. The result is an intensive, multi-faceted business training program that is recognized and recommended by a range of financial institutions and entrepreneurial-support programs throughout NE Ohio.


Participants will complete the course with an understanding of operational and management skills, as well as access to a host of resources to assist them with the growth of their business, as they move from concept to reality.


Week 1: Introduction to Small Business Ownership

Week 2: The Plan

Week 3: The Numbers

Week 4: The Law

Week 5: The Sell

Week 6: The Lifespan



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HBC Course Requirements & Notices

The “Small Business Fundamentals” training is a six-week course that provides participants with an understanding of what is involved in running a small business. Participants are responsible for meeting all the required criteria, in order to qualify for a certificate of completion.


Tuition for the six-week course must be paid before enrollment is considered complete. The cost of tuition is non-refundable, and no part of the fee is subject to proration.


If a participant misses one or more classes, he or she will not be eligible for a refund for that class(es). Furthermore, the participant may not receive a certificate of completion for the program, unless he or she is able to make up the class(es) within three-months of the class that was missed. However, HBC offers no guarantee that space will be available for a make-up class within the aforementioned three-month window.


Participants are responsible for attending the entirety of a class to receive credit for having been present in the class. Individuals who arrive late to class, or who leave class early, may not receive credit for having been present in the class, and may have to make up that class, as described in Paragraph 3 of this advisory.


Individuals who begin, but do not complete the six-week course, will have to pay the full tuition amount for a subsequent course. If the cost of tuition increases between the time and individual fails to complete one session and the time he or she begins a subsequent session, they will be responsible for the cost of the higher tuition.


In addition to the mandatory six class sessions, participants are also responsible for attending a minimum of three (3) individual business counseling sessions in order to qualify for a certificate of completion. These sessions will be conducted through the HBC’s Small Business Development Center site, and there is no additional fee for the business counseling sessions. Participants may engage in additional free business counseling sessions at their own discretion.


Any individual who was referred to HBC by a lending institution for the purpose of seeking a business loan or other funding instrument, is hereby notified that that HBC training and assistance provides NO guarantee of successful funding. Access and or eligibility to funding is a matter that is beyond the scope of HBC programming or coursework. Any financial transaction between the participant and a financial institution is completely unrelated to HBC, and the success or failure to obtain funding (e.g. loans, investors, venture capital, angel funding, etc.) is a private matter between the participant and the organization/individual with which he or she is trying to work.

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