The Northeast Ohio Chamber of Commerce can help your business gain access to the nation’s fastest growing business market. Hispanic-owned small businesses outpace the growth of all other small businesses in the U.S. by a ratio of 3 to 1.

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Individual - 50 USD per 1 year - Ongoing
Small Business - 100 USD per 1 year - Ongoing
Small Business
Mid-Size Business - 150 USD per 1 year - Ongoing
Mid-size Business
Large Business - 200 USD per 1 year - Ongoing
Large Business
Corporate Business - 1,000 USD per 1 year - Ongoing
Corporate Business

 Male   Female 

 Yes  No 

 1-5   6-10   11-25   26-50   51-100   101-250   251-500   Over 500 

 30k-50k   50k-80k   80k-100k   100k-150k   150k-250k   250k-400k   400k-600k   600k-1M   1M-3M   3M-5M   5M-10M   10M-20M   20M-50M 


 I have read the cancellation policy and i understand that my credit card statement will show this transaction as \\\"Neohcc\\\". I willl ensure that anyone who reviews the statement is aware of the transaction. 


 City of Cleveland (MBE/FBE/CSB) 
 Cuyahoga County (SBE) 
 RTA/ODOT/Airport (DBE) 
 Section 3 
 Ohio EDGE 
 Ohio MBE 
 SBA 8(A) 

 Yes  No