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About CentroVilla25

CentroVilla25 promises to showcase the Hispanic community within the vibrant tapestry of Northeast Ohio for decades to come. CentroVilla25 will be a top-of-mind destination place in the region.

With your support, CentroVilla25 will catalyze economic impact through

• job creation and business development,

• growing a thriving local economy, and

• a creative place-making that celebrates the Latino culture.

CentroVilla25 is critical to preserve the character of the Clark-Fulton community of Cleveland and ensure Latino and other small business owners have the opportunity for creating wealth.

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CentroVilla25 embodies the long-cultivated collective vision for a vibrant, authentic, and inclusive Latino cultural district in the heart of the Clark-Fulton neighborhood that will serve as both an anchor and a magnet..


The Tapestry Of Northeast Ohio Includes The Vibrancy Of Hispanics. The Culture Is Beautiful And Magnetic.

Centrovilla25 Unites The Old, The New And The Future Of Art & Crafts, Food & Drink, Health & Well-being, And Year-round Celebrations With Family, Friends And The Opportunity To Make New Friends.

In Cleveland, Puerto Ricans make up the largest part of the Spanish-speaking population. Mexicans are the second largest but there are growing communities from Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Colombia and other countries.
The Clark-Fulton Neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio is made up of residents, businesses and workers. CentroVilla25’s authentic, distinctive character unites all under one roof. All who live and work here and visitors to our great city will experience the synergy.
of respondents indicated that a café or dine-in restaurant was the number one business missing from their community.
of respondents indicated that event/community gathering space, grocery store, and retail shops were missing from their community.


The mission of La Villa Hispana is to be the economic and cultural center district of the Hispanic community in Greater Cleveland. CentroVilla25 is the foundational development within district.

“When I think about CentroVilla25, I share that my mom was a natural entrepreneur that cleaned houses and sold food. If she would have had the opportunity to have a space at an affordable price and the tools to help her business grow, our economic status would’ve been different; we possibly would not have struggled as much. We would have been able to build wealth!”

– Jasmin Santana

Cleveland City Councilwoman Ward 14 & Majority Whip

Economic Impact from Construction and Operation

NEOHCED will provide technical assistance and expert business guidance to ensure the success of CV25 businesses and generate the economic potential of the CV25 project: JOBS, REVENUES AND TAXES

Average Annual Employment Cumulative Labor Income Cumulative Value Added Cumulative Output Cumulative State and Local Taxes Cumulative Federal Tax
Construction and Renovation (2018‐2019)


46 jobs $6.0M $7.9M $12.6M $0.3M $0.9M

Cuyahoga County

56 jobs $7.2M $10.0M $15.8M $0.6M $1.3M


86 jobs $10.2M $15.4M $28.4M $1.1M $2.1M
Operation (2020‐2026)


119 jobs $26.9M $38.0M $50.4M $2.4M $4.1M

Cuyahoga County

146 jobs $35.4M $56.7M $87.5M $5.6M $7.3M


189 jobs $43.6M $67.7M $114.7M $5.8M $9.8M

Source: https: // urban_facpub

Participate in a one hour virtual or in
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The briefing will give you an in depth look at the project, its impact and full scope. This is a great
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About the Capital Campaign

Total CV25 Cost: $10.2 Million

Construction Cost: $9.7M + Endowment $500K

The Goal of The CV25
Capital Campaign = $4.5M

CV25 Price Tag per Section/Feature


NEOHCED is a 501(c)3 nonprofit EIN #34-1805510. Your gift may qualify as a charitable contribution. Consult with your tax adviser.

CV25 Price Tag per Section/Feature
Cost Estimates
MarketPlace + Galleria
Specialty Grocer
Commercial Kitchen
Community + Economic Development + Resource Center
Construction Costs Sub-Total
Endowment/Operating Reserve
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flagship brochure
La Villa Hispana (“La Villa”) embodies the
long – cultivated collective vision
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Ways to be a part of this
transformative project
DONATE NOW! Every contribution gets us closer to our goal!
Be part of the
This elite group of donors believe in the legacy and investment that CentroVilla25 represents for our community. POWER100 is a group of 100+ leaders that pledge a minimum of $5,000 towards the campaign. Pledge commitments can be paid over a maximum of 36 months. That’s less than $140 a month. There will be various recognition features for the POWER100 leaders, including name recognition on the donor wall @ CentroVilla25.
Opportunities for naming rights are available throughout the entire CentroVilla25 site. This is a prominent way to feature your company’s investment while providing visibility. It’s also an excellent way to honor the legacy of you and your family.
Opportunities for naming rights are available throughout the entire CentroVilla25 site. This is a prominent way to feature your company’s investment while providing visibility. It’s also an excellent way to honor the legacy of you and your family.
Host an
Leverage your friends and family by coming together and raising funds to support CentroVilla25. Our team is happy to assist in the planning of fundraising and friendraising events.
Join our Leadership team of key stakeholder and volunteers that are committed to making this project a reality.
Join our Leadership team of key stakeholder and volunteers that are committed to making this project a reality.
To get involved or for more information about
CentroVilla25 please complete this online form
Diana Centeno-Gomez
Community Leader
Paul Dolan
Cleveland Guardians MLB
José Féliciano, Sr.
Community Leader, Retired Attorney
David Gilbert
Destination Cleveland &
Greater Cleveland Sports
Chris Gorman
Kathryn Hall
Jack’s Entertainment

Nancy Hutchinson

The Sherwin-Williams Company President and General Manager, MidWestern Division

Alex Johnson

Community Leader, Retired Judge, Common Pleas Court
Len Komoroski
Rock Entertainment Group/Cleveland Cavaliers
Ray Leach
JumpStart, Inc
Kareem Maine
General Motors
Adrian Maldonado
Adrian Maldonado & Associates Inc
Dr. Don Malone
The Cleveland Clinic
Randell McShepard
RPM International
Juan Molina Crespo
Consultamos, LLC
Michael Jeans
Growth Opportunity Partners

Kevin Clayton

Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Co, LLC
Mario Peña
Ernst & Young
Dick Pogue
Jones Day
Maria Pujana
Community Leader, Business Owner, Retired MD and Professor
Carrie Rosenfelt
Huntington Bank
José Vasquéz
Quez Media Marketing
Lorraine Vega
Community Leader, Retired, Philanthropic Foundation
José Villanueva
Community Leader, Retired Judge, Common Pleas Court

Ariane Kirkpatrick

The AKA Team (Construction Co.)
Maureen Dee
Diana Gueits
Luis Cartagena
Jessica Cartagena
Esbeey Madera
Mari Elena Galindo
Samuel Noyola
Joe Faulhaber
Irwin Lowenstein
Joseline Menjivar
Martin Sweeney
Cuyahoga County Council District 3
Jasmin Santana
Cleveland City Council Ward 14 and Majority Whip Leader
Maria Spangler
Amanda Mendez
Millie Caraballo
Carmen Verhosek*
Maggie Rivera Tuma*
Sara Jo Smith*
Irwin Caraballo*
Jose Vasquez*
John Slavik*
Irwin Lowenstein*
Elizabeth Marengo*
Ezequiel Rodriguez*
Mario Pena*
Rene Polin*
Marco Grgurevic**
Patrick Espinosa**
Richard Estremera**
Richard Levitz**
Myra Rosario**
Corey James**
* NEO Hispanic Business Center Board

** NEO Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board
Jenice Contreras
Executive Director, NEOHBCED
Anya Kulcsar
Chief of Real Estate, Northwest Neighborhoods CDC
Lorraine Vega
Co-Chair, CV25 Capital Campaign
José Féliciano, Sr.
Co-Chair, CV25 Capital Campaign
Gladys Santiago
Capital Campaign Managing Consultant
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