CV25 Briefing IN PERSON

CV25 Briefing IN PERSON


About this event

Come, see and learn how with your help, CentroVilla25 will transform a long-time dream into a legacy.

CV25 promises to showcase our Hispanic community within the vibrant tapestry of Northeast Ohio for decades to come.

CV25 will catalyze economic impact through

  • Job creation and business development,
  • Growing a thriving local economy, and
  • Creative place-making that celebrates the Latino culture.

CV25 will be a top-of-mind destination place in Northeast Ohio.

Be part of CentroVilla25 for Our Families, Our Neighborhood, Our Businesses & Organizations, and The City of Cleveland, Ohio.

For additional information, contact Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development at 216-281-4422 or [email protected].


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