Director of Communications and Community Relations

Lorain City Schools

The Director of Communications and Community Relations will further the district’s strategic goals using communications tools and community relations tactics. The Director will increase community awareness of the district’s successes and challenges and identify resources and opportunities to assist the district in advancing its communications goals. Audiences include: current and potential students, families, and employees; community residents, leaders, and elected officials; local and regional media; current and potential community, organization, and business partners. The Director will be team-oriented, collaborative, and able to work in a fast paced environment.

Job Responsibilities (include, but are not limited to):

I. Essential Functions / Duties:

Directs, coordinates, maintains, and supports the day-to-day operation of the district’s communications and community relations, including, but not limited to the following areas:

• Media Relations
• Communications
• Community Relations
• Government Relations
• Maintains knowledge of, and develops/implements strategies to ensure compliance with, applicable communications-related federal and state regulations, district policies/procedures, and negotiated Agreements relative to areas of responsibility
• Responds in a timely manner to parent and community concerns about communications and related issues upon request and/or as needed
• May participate in the interview/selection process for new staff members
• Supports the superintendent in overall administrative efforts, interprets and communicates ideas and decisions to staff members, parents, and community members, and provides information on strategic initiatives relative to areas of responsibility
• Attends building-level, district-level, and community meetings as needed, and provides information relative to the areas of responsibility
• May serve as a chair, co-chair, or valued member of building-level, district-level, and community teams or committees
• Works cooperatively with administrators to develop, coordinate, and implement meaningful and effective professional development for staff, students, and families relative to areas of responsibility
• Fosters a collaborative and supportive culture of staff communicating with and assisting each other to improve staff, student, family, and community relationships, and creating a positive work environment
• Maintains communication with other departments and the community, working cooperatively to resolve problems and exchange information and ensuring the respectful behavior of staff members toward students, parents, and members of the community
• Performs any and all other tasks assigned by superintendent or designee, including tasks/duties that are not directly related to the Director of Communications and Community Relations’ central purpose


II. Non-Essential Functions / Other Duties:

• Completes all required reports timely
• Physical and/or environmental requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to frequently sit/stand and occasionally climb, kneel, stoop, bend over, crouch, crawl, carry push, balance, reach, and lift (approximately 20 lbs.)
  • Ability to see, corrected or uncorrected, and adjust vision for close vision work o Ability to speak and be understood
  • Ability to perform duties with light to heavy noise
  • Potential exposure to human blood, bodily fluids, tissue, or other potentially infectious materials
  • Potential exposure to disgruntled or unruly students and/or adults
  • Potential exposure to all hazards associated with printing, copying, duplicating, videotaping, and television studio operations


III. OSHA Responsibilities:  See school listing for full job responsibilities Full Job Description

Minimum Requirements / Qualifications:

• Possess a master’s degree or higher in communications/media relations/journalism from an accredited college or university, or commensurate experience

• Leadership experience in public relations, media relations, and/or journalism

• Experience with common communications management software (i.e. website content management systems, enewsletters, social media platforms, video conferencing, webinars, chat, surveys, video, robo-call & SMS)

• Advanced knowledge of print and electronic media production

• Multidisciplinary; comfortable writing, designing, photographing, building media relationships, and developing campaigns

• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

• Willingness to learn new modes of communication which align with stakeholder needs and preferences Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Excellent organizational, leadership, and multi-tasking skills to successfully perform all duties and responsibilities of the position in a timely manner

• Demonstrated knowledge of current literature, research, developments and trends, and current strategies to successfully oversee the essential functions of the position, with the ability to cross-train staff to effectively and efficiently perform these functions

• Comprehensive knowledge of district policies and regulatory standards related to assigned functions, including thorough knowledge of applicable state and federal laws

• A self-starter with an established track record of successful leadership with the ability to coordinate multiple staff groups, work with community members, organizations, staff and students, and to promote a positive work and learning environment for staff and students • Strong interpersonal and team-building skills to work harmoniously and effectively to establish positive relationships with staff, students, and parents, and to solve problems and resolve conflicts in a tactful, courteous, and respectful manner

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